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Torn: A Porn Movie Review

Most of us are used to porn delivered in single servings, the “night on the town” equivalent of straight-up shots. There are different flavors of course: vodka, tequila, spankings and blowjob quickies. But what about when you want to sit down and enjoy it? What about the intentional, slow and psychologically rich experience of a great wine at a sit-down dinner, or of a great aged whiskey on a summer patio? Well, porn movies are the adult entertainment equivalent of these. I’ve been watching a few of these and thought I’d share a first review with you.


Torn (2012) is a 110 minute full-feature film by Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell for New Sensations Couples detailing the budding but difficult relationship between Drew (Steven St-Croix) and Mimi (Remy La Croix). Drew is dully but lovingly married to independent Christine (India Summer) since no less than 20 years when he meets earnest art student Mimi at his colleague Vicky’s (Raylene) anniversary. Complications soon arise, and we follow the characters as they navigate the taboo world of illicit affairs.

The story develops honoring the complexities of such real-world relationships, all the while putting front row and center hot, pulpous sex as the stars are in the habit of delivering (although in often very different circumstances). Raylene’s acting performance stood out to me especially, given her very sex-positive character and fun-infused delivery. Although the story is very traditional in its gender roles (Drew is the one having an affair with the much younger Mimi and is a male protagonist like in the overwhelming majority of Hollywood films), St-Croix appears boyish and vulnerable enough as Drew to cater a believable connection with the young Mimi, who herself delivers a seamlessly natural acting performance.

As far as character development, I might have liked more empathy-inducing material to render Drew’s wife Christine more dimensional; Because of the inherent coldness her character, I found it harder as a viewer to cultivate the supposed mental battle that must have been going on inside Drew’s torn head and heart. This coupled with St-Croix’s occasionally prematurely aroused outreaches (common giveaways in porn scenes or films) broke some of the film’s magic; I wanted to be surprised by the sex, to be slung into the moment, following the character’s mental and emotional foray into sexual ecstasy. St-Croix was always the one initiating sex and it felt unreal to me – Mimi and Christine didn’t seem to have much drive of their own, working mostly like cars turned on only by an external force and driven to destination. In the same vein, when Mimi, at her wit’s end, had sex with her roommate, the magic was momentarily broken when she dutifully dropped to blowjob-giving-position mere seconds after being seduced by him. The cue felt too early for what would have been believable character psychology and instead felt very “porny”, since they were just friends until then and that none of her body language previously hinted at attraction, let alone arousal. Her roommate’s attraction was foreshadowed… why not hers? Would it have been too “slutty”, breaking her good-girl image? No. On the contrary, a flicker of attraction to the young man, quickly brushed aside by her love for Drew could have added dimension to her sexuality and emotions, showing that by entertaining the affair she was constantly making a choice while Drew deliberated.

Torn is a great example of porn that happens to be in a smart movie and follows reasonable timelines, and simply put, of a great movie that happen to feature explicit, hot sex motivated by a wide array of emotions and contexts. Directors Eddy Powell and Jacky St. James did a stellar job with Torn in featuring full-on smart sex that was hardcore but not gynocological, keeping with the overall style of the movie’s storytelling. They told a compelling and engaging narrative and gave depth and elegance to a somewhat controversial topic.

Furthermore, Torn‘s weaknesses are common misdemeanors of modern porn movies: Alongside more realistic depictions of gender and feminine sexuality, the challenge ahead is to mesh the sex with the story-line in so far as to feel like there never was this censorship to begin within the first place, making the inclusion of these sex scenes sensical and intrinsic to the story… And what an attainable goal! After all, sex in real life doesn’t happen in a vacuum (unless you’re into that). Instead, for better of for worse, sex moulds our relationships, impacts our lives and manifests our character to ourselves and to others, and there’s no reason porn couldn’t reflect all of that.


We Love Good Sex

Progressive pornographer Lucie Blush started things out with her blog, as noticed by Kinkly’s top 100 sex blogs of 2014. Her blog is indeed epic, featuring guides to the best porn for women, sex toy reviews, the best short sex films and much more. That’s not my favorite part though. What’s my favorite part? That she makes women-friendly porn of course! A little after this year’s Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, Lucie started and started plastering it with easy on the eyes couples exhibiting explicit, chemistry-ridden displays of affection. Check out this porno-bombshell’s work!


The Art of Blowjob

Tasteful and confident is fucking hot, and The Art of Blowjob is living, breathing, internet-alive proof of this. I especially love their do-it-yourself amateur porn feel with professional grade shooting and beautiful natural lighting. Oh, and they also pitch in some educational videos in the mix. Yes.


In Touch

Acrylic on particle board, 2014.Claire-s-Art---For-web-18-of-23_1200


A second erotic painting from June 2015, titled “Limelight”, acrylic on canvas (36×42″).


Sometimes I paint

My first erotic painting, from May 2015, titled Erotica I, acrylic on canvas (36 x 42″).



Dye me bright white again.

He thinks I am ruthless, like the red bleeds of the muscle between packaged thigh’s tendons, but I am not caught in the promises he didn’t dare make to me. He never spoke them. He knew where I had lain. He came to me within that, and then came within me.

This woman gets visits from cats, told by their masters of their fridge-top ills, purring them blind. Blinds are within, hidding the spellings of rainbow alphabet magnets and protecting the owners shut. A pull and a pet and a purr and a half later, their regularities unfold once again, like the cars ascending eastward.

Ascend. Ascension has its lacunes, its disappointments. She walks with her head down, gowned and braided hair in her face for a swift check of her reflection in the bar’s glass. (Melted sand.) Fresh rain puts a damper on the youthful freedom of summer. “To spend a summer reading, she reminisces, would be my blessing”. Only the damp clamor of my bathed thighs as witnesses, licked and caressed by a dark blue cotton shirt, steps muffled amongst smoked salmon walls. Instead, light blue cotton dirt and light blue cotton blankets, without the mayo please and without the hurt.

Leaves at the top of svelte young oaks are bleached white at the lack of light. They shimmer, tall and tactile like boneless fingers wiggling their parting. “We had nothing left in common,” she thinks. Of course it wasn’t true: Age, looks, demographics and all things movies pair together in their protagonists had brought them together again… all but passion. Passion in life, passion for life, passion for each other’s lives. To bare witness was not enough, not without the power to lay bare what mattered most.

I cried, I told the wolf, because he truly saw me, paws stripped of my flesh, not of pain but at the sheer surprise at the reflection in my bodily fluid’s shine. I cried, I told him, at his simple recognition of what I so often try to prove to the world: That it is worth living in, that it is worth loving in, that such better things are possible for it from within us. I cried, I told the wolf, at seeing him stop with me to watch the clouds part.

She braids her hair to the side, weaves her hope for tomorrow onto her shoulders and curves the street corner with the flip of her tail.

When a wick is engulfed in flame, it seems intact, black, and gray. It only gets a chance to burn bright orange once it hits the air. Be that wick,no matter if you see the glow, and you will never be sorry to have kept on burning.”

Laura Glass

SoFilles Productions

Sophie Bramly is at the head of SoFilles Productions and author of Named after Simone De Beauvoir’s feminist classic, the website is a fun and elegant repository of all things erotic for women: blogs, art, magazines, websites, locations and more. SoFilles is infamous for their Xfemmes films (I and II) in 2008-2009, which featured works such as “Samedi soir” by Zoé R. Cassevetes, “Pour Elle” by Blanca Li and “Peep Show Heroes” by Helena Noguerra.

Watch Xfemme’s trailer below on Erika Lust’s site.

Dylan Ryan

Also a porn actress, Dylan wrote this great article about her first experience in porn and how she came to it. A great read on Jezebel.


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